Ethical Hack Into WiFi 2016 Guide – Unblock School Firewall

In this digital era, almost every place have an internet connection. It can be either Wi-Fi or broadband. Similarly, in schools, you can find WiFi so that teachers can tech students over the internet, and school WiFi can be used for getting more information too. If you want to watch movies online, then you can use netflix accounts and passwords mentioned on this blog. In today’s world, you can see smart classes are taking over, where teachers used to tech children by using internet. Now there are some things that every school have is firewall protection or Wi-Fi password on their internet so that they can restrict access to the internet for all students and staff.
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Now there are some schools which allows students and teachers to use school Wi-Fi but have restriction over social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. and you are allowed to visit only few sites. You can also use zbigz account to convert torrent files into direct download links. It’s good, but there comes many times when you want to browse any other website, but can’t as it is blocked by school Wi-Fi, so you end up with nothing. Don’t worry as you can hack school wifi to gain access to blocked websites. Yes, that’s possible, you can hack school wi-fi on your own. Here in this post I am going to tell you about how to hack school wifi and use it without being caught. Yes, there are a number of ways available over the internet, which can be used to hack into school wifi easily. Do you know that you can use below mentioned steps for hacking school WiFi Firewall in Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP. So, let’s begin with the tutorial on how to hack your school WiFi?


Do note that hacking into school wifi is not recommended and this post shows how to hack school wifi only for educational purposes. I don’t recommend you to hack into school wifi as it is illegal and can lead to bad consequences. Now a days, people are also searching for Pokemon Go India. There are many people out there who are searching for how to hack into school wifi as you can’ just ask your school management to unblock those social networking sites. The only option remains here is bypass the school firewall. Now there are many people who don’t know much about hacking and don’t know how to bypass school firewall. It can be easy, and hard at the same time. There are various methods available to hack school wifi, but here in this post I am going to tell you about how to unblock school WiFi in easiest manner.

What Is Firewall and Best Applications To Unblock/Hack School Firewall/Wi-Fi

Before moving on, let me tell you about what is Firewall, and how it works. So that it can be easy for you to understand the working of best apps to unblock school firewall easily. Firewall is basically an obstructer which doesn’t allow you to access banned sites while using school WiFi. I have also posted about free movie download sites to download movies from.

But there are some apps to unblock school wifi available, which allows you to gain access over banned websites. Below you can read about how to hack school wifi password using android, iPhone, Windows and MAC. All of the apps to hack wifi mentioned below works on these devices seamlessly, and you can download them easily too. If you want to unblock school firewall, then also you can use these hacking apps. When you will use these apps to hack into school wifi, then your device’s IP address will be changed, so no one can find out that who’s using school Wi-Fi.

How To Hack Into School WiFi Using Android, iPhone, Windows PC and MAC

#1. Open VPN

OpenVPN is an open-source software that uses VPN (virtual private network) to create connection between user and website. OpenVPN is available for PC, MAC, Android and iOS devices. Among all proxy servers, this VPN is most recommended one. Another good thing about this VPN is that it have most of its servers in US,UK and Europe, you can connect with any of them to access blocked websites. You can also do torrent to idm download. Do you know that you can also hack school WiFi with android phones, iPhone using open VPN in android mobiles or iPhones. It is compatible for mobile phones (Android, iPhone (iOS) and Windows ) and I have tested it in my mobile phones.


Final Words

How To Hack School Wifi: As I have told you above, that this hack school wifi/unblock school firewall is just for educational purpose only and I will not be responsible for anything done by you. I hope you have liked the article and learned about best apps to hack into school wifi. If you want, then you can also read about videoder video downloader. Though there are many more ways like brute force attack available which can be used for hacking into school Wi-fi, but methods like these requires a lot of knowledge and time that a school student won’t prefer to invest. If you know about any other methods on how to hack school wifi, then do let me know about it via comments below.

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