Google Tag Manager Button Click Tracking

Register Button Clicks With Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has the great strength of making Click Tracking easy. In this video I’ll take you through the steps of installing a Click Trigger which you can use to fire a Google Analytics Event Tag or any other tags you might want to deploy (Facebook, AdWords).

The steps:
1. Deploy a generic Click Trigger (in Preview mode)
2. See what data is available in DataLayer
3. Redefine your Trigger
4. Build Event Tag

Start 03.10

Custom JavaScript Variable within Google Tag Manager (ClientID, Document Title etc)

In this video we will explore how to use the Custom JavaScript Variable in Google Tag Manager correctly. This Variable is often used to extend the functionality of GTM beyond the provided methods of creating Variables. If you know JavaScript you can easily input an anonymous function which will be executed when the Variable is checked. This allows for a far bigger range of Variables than before.

Configure Variable :

function() {
 var now = new Data();
 return now.getTime();

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Auto-Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager

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